School Board

The School Board of an Independent Public School works with the Principal, teachers and the school community to support the delivery of the highest quality education for all students. The School Board is actively involved in the governance of the school. This means the School Board takes part in the shaping and monitoring of the school’s priorities, providing additional expertise to achieve the best outcomes for the students. The School Board is chaired by an elected member of the Board, comprising school staff, parent representatives and community members.

The Ocean Reef Senior High School Board plays a vital role in reviewing the vision for the school to ensure it reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. It plays a key role in representing the views, interests and values of the wider community, whilst providing a space for broad input into the development and review of the school’s objectives, priorities and direction. The Board also works to promote the school in the community. Approximately two meetings are held per term in the Conference Room.

Should you have any issues or questions you wish to raise with the School Board please contact Ocean Reef Senior High School on (08) 6206 2700 or email:

School Board Membership

Dr Samantha Bickell
Community Representative
Dr Andrew Jones
Community Representative
Mr Jan Norberger
Community Representative
Mr Robert Edwards
Community Representative
Mr Patrick Yong
Community Representative / Chairperson
Mr Toby Wright
Parent Representative
Mrs Johann Gatti
Parent Representative
Mrs Melissa Gillespie
P&C Representative
Mrs Leigh Hannah
Staff Representative
Mrs Alex Di Bartolomeo
Staff Representative
Dr James Kent
Mrs Jayne Dawson
Manager Corporate Services