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Attend every day to achieve.

All students must attend daily. This is a legal requirement and absences must be explained. Parents/Guardians may explain absences via:

  1. COMPASS '+ add attendance note' feature
  2. email to
  3. written note to the school sent with student
  4. phone call to 6206 2700 - option 1 for attendance.

Lodging a COMPASS attendance note is our preferred method of notifying the school of absences, or requesting students to depart early. If you are having difficulty logging on to COMPASS place call the School on 6206 2700, option 2 for reception.

In the case of prolonged illness, parents/guardians should contact the school early and a medical certificate may be required. Attendance at school is a parent/guardian responsibility and a legal requirement. Students who arrive late are to report directly to Student Services. Where an absence has not been explained, parents will be contacted by SMS after 10.00am. Please respond by clicking on the link and entering the reason for the absence in COMPASS to enable us to update our records.

We constantly remind students of the need to turn up prepared every school day to ensure they achieve their best. From time to time we are approached by parents/guardians informing us that the family is taking holidays during term time. In this instance please complete a Planned Absence request form. Please also refer to the relevant assessment policies for impacts absences may have on assessment outcomes. 

The following statements seek to clarify this issue:

  • Research recently undertaken by the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Student Attendance and Educational Outcomes: Every Day Counts, has found a clear link between student absence and achievement in school. Each day a child is absent from school has a direct impact on their educational outcomes.

  • The Director General of Education has highlighted student engagement and attendance as priorities in Focus Directions for schools. Establishing and maintaining a positive attendance career for all students ensures success in their future study and career pathways.

Therefore if students are withdrawn by parents/guardians to take holidays please note that the school will not approve this absence and the student’s absence will be recorded as an Unauthorised Vacation.

From time to time students directly contact their parents/guardians with a mobile phone to say they are unwell. The correct procedure is for students to alert their teacher so we can determine if we need to give them immediate medical attention, or allow them to move to our Student Services area to be cared for until picked up by a parent/guardian. If a student leaves school without permission (knowledge of both parent and school) it places them at potential risk.


All students who are late to school MUST report to Student Services and sign in. Students who are persistently late will be managed by their coordinator. Sanctions including detention during break times may be imposed.

When the student is absent from any period during the day, without a genuine reason, the parent will receive SMS notification.

Students whose attendance is identified as being “at risk” will be offered support by the Student Services team. If the student does not engage in the support offered to improve their attendance, referrals may be made to the Regional Office Attendance team.

Students who need to leave school grounds

  1. Students who need to leave the school during the day (illness or appointment) must have an Early Departure slip from Student Services. For appointments, parents should contact Student Services with the details and the time leaving. The student MUST pick up the slip before they leave. For illness, or if no contact has been made by parents, the student MUST report to Student Services who will then make every effort to contact parents to arrange pick up or permission to leave.

  2. Leaving the school grounds without permission is a serious breach of school expectations as it places students at risk.

Parents/Guardians are asked to contact the school on the morning that a student is expected to be absent or late through COMPASS or via any of the alternate methods listed above. Where a message or telephone call is not made, parents are asked to provide a note authorising the absence when the child returns to school.