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The Specialist Contemporary Music Program offers students the opportunity to study traditional music skills through contemporary contexts. The course is open to both ongoing and beginner students on a variety of instruments. Instruments can include woodwind, brass, percussion (drums), guitar (classical, contemporary and bass), keyboard and voice. All students accepted into the music program must commit to a minimum four-year period, i.e. from years 7-10.  

The Specialist Music course is a three-tier course comprising of Class Music, Instrumental lessons and Ensemble rehearsals. Class music occurs two periods per week in years 7-10 and four periods per week in years 11 & 12. During this time, students will study the written aspects of music including music history and culture, music theory and aural skills, then transferring these skills and knowledge to apply them in practical situations. In year 10 students will work to complete the nationally recognized Certificate II in Music and then go on to the Certificate III in Music qualification across years 11 & 12. These classes form a part of the students’ regular timetable. 

Instrumental lessons are available from years 7-12 with a specialist Instrumental Teacher in small groups (2-6 students per group). While lessons are generally on the same day, times rotate to minimize the impact on regularly scheduled classes. All instrumental lessons are held on site and are provided by the Instrumental Music Schools Services (IMSS). 

In addition to the class music and instrumental lessons, all students in the music program are involved in one or more school based ensembles. These ensembles run outside of normal school hours, i.e. before or after school, on different days of the week. Student placements in specific ensembles will depend on the instrument they play and their level of ability. There are ten performing ensembles at the school including Choir, Junior and Senior Classical Guitar Ensembles, Flute Ensemble, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Contemporary Bands plus Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands.

All ensembles will perform at various times throughout the year, participating in concerts and festivals. Ensemble performances are compulsory for all students and family and friends are encouraged to attend to support the students. Students performing in each concert will be required to wear the appropriate Music uniform, available from the school uniform shop.

Specialist Music students may also be selected to participate in Performing Arts tours run every 2 years to tour internationally. Previous tours have seen us visit Singapore and New Zealand, allowing students to immerse themselves in the different cultures, perform for and experience school life in another country.

Please click here to watch an introduction to the Specialist Comtemporary Music Program.