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Students are required to participate in an educational program that satisfies the requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum. Principals, in consultation with their School Board, determine the level of contributions and charges requested of parents for the education of their children. Parents will be notified of the level of contributions and charges two months prior to the beginning of the school year.


Types of contributions and charges:


Contributions:   Voluntary payment requests from parents for the cost of materials, services and facilities used by Year 7-10 students in the educational program.


Charges:    Any costs for which payment is compulsory. All year 11 and 12 subject costs are compulsory.


Extra Cost Optional Components: Voluntary courses and activities where an election is made by the parent or student to participate. These include:

  • Optional courses in years 7-10 which have a high cost associated with their provision (for example Outdoor Education)
  • Optional activities which have a high cost associated with their provision (for example Camps)
  • Optional school-based activities which have a high cost (for example School Ball)

Participation in these components is voluntary, but a charge is payable if the student opts to participate.


Voluntary Approved Requests:  Voluntary requests for payment to donate for various purposes at the school include Chaplaincy, P&C and Library.


Personal Items: Items required by students for use during the school year (for example stationery items).


Payment of Contributions and Charges

The School Council, P&C and the School Finance Committee actively encourage early payment of contributions and charges to support the provision of resources and the standard of educational programs offered to your child.


The school has a number of strategies to assist parents/guardians to meet the costs of educational programs and offers a variety of payment options to parents. Payment plans are available and can be adapted to suit parent needs.


It is appreciated that most parents recognise the high costs that are associated with the provision of some specialised programs. In order for the school to continue to offer these components we encourage parent payment to ensure we can continue to offer them.  

Subject selections and details regarding voluntary contributions and charges for courses of study are completed via our on line Subject Selection Online system (SSO) at certain times of the year.

Details regarding subject selections and courses of study are available via the parent portal above.