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Ocean Reef SHS recognises the school and its facilities as a community resource built and provided for largely by taxpayer funds. 


The  school’s  policy  is  to  make  the  school,  its  grounds  and  its  facilities  available  to  the  public,  community organisations and individuals. The school is used by a range of community organisations including church groups, local primary schools and sporting bodies.


The guidelines for the use of Ocean Reef SHS are listed below.


  • Students, parents/guardians and staff will have first use of facilities.

  • Every effort will be made to allocate bookings on a fair and equitable basis.

  • Whilst basic costs such as electricity and wear and tear need to be covered, the school offers reasonable hire rates as agreed by the Finance Committee.

  • Other government organisations such as primary schools will be offered the facilities free of charge whenever possible.

  • Hirers of the school facilities must be aware that whilst every effort is made by the school to ensure the area and equipment is safe, the hirer has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the equipment and surrounds are safe and that the instructors/teachers are qualified to conduct the activities they hold.

  • The ultimate responsibility for the hiring of school facilities rests with the Principal.