Ocean Reef Senior High School is committed to ensuring every child is on a pathway to success.

We thank you for considering Ocean Reef Senior High School and we invite you to explore the information below and throughout our website to discover the opportunities available to students at our school.

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Our Specialist programs

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The Specialist Contemporary Music Program offers students the opportunity to study traditional music skills through contemporary contexts. The course is open to both ongoing and beginner students on a variety of instruments.
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The Marine Studies Approved Specialist Program allows students a fantastic opportunity to study a variety of marine based topics including but not limited to Marine Biology, Oceanography, Aquaculture, Boating and Snorkelling.
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Specialist Learning Program
The Specialist Learning Program – Autism (SLP) is an endorsed educational program for students with High Functioning Autism from year 7 to 12, resourced by the School of Special Educational Needs. Student with a recognised diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder can apply for selection to the program from within or outside boundaries for Ocean Reef Senior High.
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Academic Extension
The program brings together like minded, highly academically capable students, fostering the development of their talents as well as caring for their social and emotional needs. Our uniquely flexible program is available to students in Year 7 (continuing then into 8, 9 and 10) and operates in two pathways - a Maths and Science pathway and Humanities & Social Sciences pathway.
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The Elite Soccer program is designed for passionate and competitive players who wish to further enhance their skills whilst playing in a team of talented individuals. In Year 7 & 8 the focus is on developing individual’s skills and progressing to Year 9 & 10 into team tactics and strategies.
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