At Ocean Reef Senior High School we want our students to achieve their very best. Developing a habit of going to school every day is vitally important so that your child does not miss out on important ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills they need for future learning. We understand there will be occasions when a student will be absent from school and ask that you explain any absences via:

  1. COMPASS – select student, add attendance note
  2. Email to
  3. Written note sent to the school with student
  4. Phone call to 6206 2700 – select option 1 for attendance.

Lodging a COMPASS attendance note is our preferred method of notifying the school of absences, or requesting students to depart early. If you are having difficulty logging on to COMPASS please call the school on 6206 2700, select option 2 for reception.

Parents and carers are asked to contact the school on the morning that the student is expected to be absent or late through COMPASS or via any of the alternate methods listed above. Where a message or telephone call is made, parents and carers are asked to provide a note authorising the absence when the child returns. Where an absence has not been explained, parents and carers will be contacted via SMS after 10:00am. Please respond by clicking on the link and entering the reason for the absence in COMPASS.

Students that arrive late to school are to report directly to Student Services to sign in.

Students who need to leave school during the day (illness or appointment) must have an early departure slip from Student Services prior to leaving school grounds. For appointments, parents or carers should contact Student Services with the details and time departing. For illness, students are to report to Student Services and every effort will be made to contact parents to arrange pick up or permission to leave.

In the case of prolonged illness, parents and carers should contact the school to discuss appropriate educational support. A medical certificate may also be required.