Ocean Reef SHS Students


Canteen Menu – Blue Ocean Cafe

Please refer to the Blue Ocean Café menu below.

For easy ordering and shorter queuing time for students please consider ordering meals online through the Qkr! app. Please find instructions below installing and using the app.

Please find attached our Health Food and Drink Policy.

Our School Canteen is seeking volunteers to help serve at recess and lunch times. A booking system has been set up on SignUp.com for volunteers to easily nominate a date and time. The slots are for one hour at a time, making it a quick experience for those that do not have a lot of time to spare. Please click here to nominate a time to volunteer.

Volunteers are an integral part of keeping the cost of lunches at an affordable price to students and families and helping our students to be served quickly. If you have some time available, please consider volunteering to assist our hardworking canteen staff, it would be greatly appreciated.

For further information please contact our Canteen Manager, Janine, on (08) 6206 2756.