Ocean Reef SHS - Independent Public School Perth


The Languages Learning Area at Ocean Reef Senior High School aims to develop in our students the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to extend their literacy capabilities, strengthen their intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities, and enhance their creative and critical thinking skills.

Through our courses, students develop an understanding of language, and culture, whilst developing a respect for diversity, difference, and an openness to different experiences and perspectives.

Our Languages (Japanese) Course was introduced in 2021 for Year 7 students. In 2022 the course will also be a component of the Year 8 students’ timetables, with the intention to expand the program each year, for the next four years, up until 2026 when the course will be offered to all students across Year 7- Year 12.

Courses Offered by the Languages Learning Area:


  • Year 7 & 8

From 2023 – based on student course selection:

  • Year 9 (2023)
  • Year 10 (2024)
  • Year 11 (2025)
  • Year 12 (2026)