Ocean Reef SHS Science


The Science Learning Area at Ocean Reef Senior High School engages students in the study of the biological, physical, chemical and technological world. Our Science courses cover three interrelated strands: Science Understanding; Science as a Human Endeavour; and Science Enquiry Skills.

Science Understanding

This strand is made up of four sub-strands and covers: Biological Sciences (Ecology, Genetics, Zoology, Botany, Evolution and Human Biology); Chemical Sciences; Earth and Space Sciences; and Physical Sciences. This core strand exposes students to foundational science concepts and facts which are supported by empirical evidence.

Science as a Human Endeavour

This strand highlights the development of Science as a unique way of knowing and doing, and the role of science in contemporary decision making and problem solving. Students also understand that the advancement of Science is through the contributions of many different people from different cultures, and the career pathways possible through this subject.

Science Enquiry Skills

This strand develops students’ ability to identify and pose scientific questions that can be tested experimentally. In the Science classroom students plan, conduct, and reflect on investigations, then process, analyse, interpret, and communicate their findings.

Courses offered by the Science Learning Area:

Lower School

  • Science: Year 7-10
  • Science Academic Extension: Year 7 – 9

Senior School

  • Biology – ATAR
  • Chemistry – ATAR
  • Human Biology – ATAR
  • Marine and Maritime Studies – ATAR
  • Physics – ATAR
  • Human Biology – General
  • Integrated Science – General