Ocean Reef SHS Cadets


There are two Cadet Units at the school.

Emergency Services Cadets (ESC)

Participating in the Emergency Service Cadet program provides young students with a valuable opportunity to acquire essential life skills within a supportive framework. The program helps students to foster leadership skills and enhances their ability to collaborate effectively as a member of a team.

On Tuesday afternoons from 3:05pm-5:15pm our instructors provide students with lessons from the Emergency Services Cadet Program provided to us from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. Lessons are based on real emergency services such as the SES, Fire Service and Volunteer Marine Rescue Service. Weekly activities include training such as first aid, search and rescue, navigation, roping skills, water rescue and drill.

Additionally- Cadets attended 2 camps, a day trip and participate in raising the flag on Anzac Day during the school year. Year 7 students are invited to attend a day walk to John Forrest National Park and a 3-day end of year camp.

By Year 11, cadets have received leadership instruction and are expected to take lessons and act as role models for the lower ranks. Although we are not a military unit discipline is an important aspect of our values. Students progress through each rank annually by regular attendance and commitment throughout our weekly sessions and camps.

Surf Lifesaving Cadets (SLS)

Surf Lifesaving Cadets are a group of approximately 100 students, Years 7-10. Year groups meet once a week after school and on some weekends. A majority of activities are conducted outside of the school and cadets learn new and exciting skills, form friendships, learn to work as a team and develop leadership skills. The Surf Lifesaving Cadet Unit is an affiliate of SLSWA (Surf Life Saving Western Australia). Previous years saw the cadets go on camps to Point Peron, Rottnest Island, Yallingup and Margaret River.

We are looking forward to our incoming Year 7’s joining the programs. Cadets will need to be prepared to give up two hours after school and one weekend throughout the year.

Surf Lifesaving Cadets work towards helping the community through partnerships with Coast Care, Recfish, Surfing WA and improving their surf qualifications and knowledge. Good swimming ability is required.


Can you join both the Emergency Services cadets and the Lifesaving cadets? No, funding is limited so cadets can be a member of only one unit.

More information can be found at http://www.cadetswa.wa.gov.au/ If you are interested in joining please phone the front office on (08) 6206 2700.