At Ocean Reef Senior High School we offer students in Years 7 – 10 the opportunity to engage in our Soccer Program.

The Soccer Program welcomes

Passionate, committed players with a love for the game and a desire to improve.

The program is designed to provide relevant and meaningful learning experiences according to the player’s skill level whereby students are exposed to working individually, in partners, and in groups to expand their self-understanding and ability to cooperate with others.

By creating purposeful and relevant opportunities that cater for different learning needs, students can develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve better outcomes not only on the soccer pitch, but in their personal endeavours in the community as they move toward adulthood.

The culmination of the soccer program arrives at the end of Year 10 with a trip to Singapore to compete in the SingaCup. This tournament provides the opportunity to combine the technical and tactical elements in competition against schools and academy teams from around the world through an unforgettable, formative life experience on the international stage.

Soccer sessions are designed to

The Soccer Program provides bi-weekly classes for students in Years 7-10 to stimulate the technical, tactical, physical, and emotional development of the soccer student.

Develop functional game skills

  • Improve technique, decision making and positional play.

Apply functional game skills in a team context

  • Improve game understanding in all 4 moments of the game (attack, defence, transition when the ball is won, transition when the ball is lost.)

Create an enjoyable, competitive environment

  • Foster a culture of hard work, self-improvement, and passion for the game, instilling a growth mindset in students to achieve their best both on and off the pitch.

Develop leaders

  • Provide opportunities for students to lead others and take ownership of their learning, ensuring every child is on a pathway to success by nurturing the skills and values needed for ongoing learning and life beyond school.

Soccer students are exposed to

Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) Lessons (Year 7-8)

Development of functional game skills such as first touch, striking the ball, running with the ball, and 1v1. These skills provide the foundation of technique and give players the tools they need to compete in a game setting.

Game Training Phase (GT) Lessons (Year 9-10)

Application of functional game skills in a team context. Preparing players for competitive games by developing tactical awareness, perception and decision-making through a game focused approach to training.

Futsal Lessons (Year 7-10)

Development of control, improvisation, creativity and technique within the futsal format. Indoor soccer that favours ball control and passing in small spaces.

Leadership Opportunities (Year 7-10)

Development of leadership skills through coaching, refereeing, mentoring, and assisting with soccer events. Students are involved in the organising and delivering of trials, primary school carnivals and interschool carnivals.

Coach Profile

Stephen Walmsley

Playing Experience

  • Ocean Reef SHS Elite Soccer Student (2 SSWA State Championships)
  • WA State Team Captain at National Youth Championships
  • National Training Center (NTC) Western Australia
  • Perth Glory (National Youth League)
  • Central Connecticut State University (NCAA Division 1 in the USA)
  • Ocala Stampede (USL 2 in the USA)
  • UMF Tindastóll (Division 2 in Iceland)
  • Bayswater City (NPL Western Australia)

Coaching Experience

  • UMF Tindastóll Youth Academy (Iceland)
  • UMF Tindastóll First Team (Youngest Head Coach in Icelandic history)
  • Football West Development Coach in Western Australia
  • Talent Support Program (TSP) Boys & Girls
  • WA State Team U14 Coach at National Youth Championships
  • Bayswater City First Team Assistant in the NPL

Ocean Reef SHS

Applications for the Soccer Program for Year 7 2025 are open. Applications close Friday, 2 August 2024.

Students residing in our local intake area are eligible to apply.

Applications can be made via the PDF application form and submitted with required documents to, or, via the online form below.

Please contact us on 6206 2700 for further information.

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