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Ocean Reef SHSMarine Studies Approved Specialist Program

At Ocean Reef Senior High School, our Marine Studies Approved Specialist Program allows students an exciting opportunity to study a variety of marine based topics including; Marine Biology and Marine Science, Oceanography, Aquaculture, Boating, and Snorkelling. This Program has a number of partnerships in the wider community, and students have unique opportunities to visit the Garden Island Navy Base, and Whitfords Sea Rescue Group where they see both career and volunteer marine based work vital to Western Australia.

Our program combines theoretical and practical knowledge to extend and enrich our students understanding and passion for the marine environment. This course is especially beneficial for those who can see themselves undertaking studies or a career in this field. Ocean Reef Senior High School is perfectly located close to some of Western Australia’s best beaches, allowing students to learn critical field work skills by assessing intertidal marine communities, pollution surveys, fish identification and much more. The program also sees students work in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries, and universities.

In lower school, students have the opportunity to visit the Maritime Museum and learn how to sail.

In Senior School, students also have the opportunity to complete accredited courses in SCUBA Diving, and their Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Entry into the Marine Studies Specialist Program is through an application and testing process, including an evaluation of a student’s swimming competency. The minimum swimming requirement for the Marine program is Level 7 as detailed by the Royal Life Saving WA Swim and Survive, or equivalent swimming qualification. To view the competency requirements for this level please view the Royal Life Saving WA website.

For more information about the Marine Studies Specialist Program at Ocean Reef please view the brochure below or contact Administration on (08) 6206 2700.

How to Apply

Students residing both inside and outside our local intake area are eligible to apply.

Applications have closed for Year 2025.

Applications for Year 7 2026 will open early Term 1 2025.

Please contact us on 6206 2700 for further information.