Specialist Music

Ocean Reef SHSSpecialist Music Program

At Ocean Reef Senior High School, the Specialist Contemporary Music Program offers our students the opportunity to study traditional music skills through contemporary contexts. All students who are accepted into the Music Program are required to commit to the program for a minimum of four years (Years 7-10) with an option to continue in Year 11 and 12. The Specialist Contemporary Music Program is a three-tier course comprising of Class Music, Instrumental Lessons, and Ensemble/Band Rehearsals.

Students are given the opportunity to study the written aspects of music including music history and culture, music theory, and aural skills. Students are then able to transfer these skills and knowledge and apply them practically with their instruments.

Instrumental lessons are available to our students, with a specialist Instrumental Teacher in small groups (2-6 students). These lessons are held on site and are provided by the Instrumental Music Schools Services (IMSS).

In addition to the Class Music and Instrumental Lessons, all students in the Specialist Contemporary Music Program are involved in one or more school-based ensembles. These ensembles run outside of normal school hours, and where a student is placed in these ensembles is dependent on the instrument played, and the level of ability. Our ensembles perform at various events throughout the year in the official school music performance uniform.

For more information on the Specialist Music Program please contact Administration on (08) 6206 2700.

How to Apply

Applications are open for Year 7 2025.

Students residing both in and outside of our local intake area are eligible to apply for this program.

Applications close Friday, 26 April 2024.

Please contact us on 6206 2700 for further information.