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The Marine Studies Approved Specialist Program allows students a fantastic opportunity to study a variety of marine based topics including but not limited to Marine Biology, Oceanography, Aquaculture, Boating and Snorkelling. The course aims to combine theoretical and practical programs in marine studies to extend and enrich the students.
Students with a passion for the marine environment, love of the outdoors and who can potentially see themselves undertaking studies or a career in this field are encouraged to apply. The program offers elective subjects in Year 7 to 10 followed by GENERAL and ATAR pathways for Year 11 to 12 students. The upper school courses will assist students to complete their WACE achievement. Also contributing to students WACE are accredited courses in SCUBA Diving and the Recreational Skippers Ticket.

The school has worked hard to develop ongoing partnerships with various organisations to allow students the opportunity to see real-world application of the course. Through the program, our students have been able to visit the Garden Island Navy Base and the Whitfords Sea Rescue Group. This has allowed our students to see paid and volunteer marine-based work that is vital to Western Australia. We value the importance of promoting research and where possible involving our students in citizen science. Students undertake such research and collaborate with the Department of Fisheries, local universities & TAFE operators, as well as a vast array of current researchers within the marine field.

The course presents unique opportunities to be involved in a range of excursions and camps which focus on extending learning and promoting lifelong skills. Students will be able to attend the Coral Bay Dive Camp, Rottnest Island Camp or Point Walter Sailing Camp. Excursion opportunities include the Western Australia Water Police, Maritime Museum, Challenger TAFE  Aquaculture Facility and the Aquarium of Western Australia to name a few.

The process of entry into the Marine Studies Program involves an application, testing, an evaluation of student performance and swimming competency. Continued involvement in the program is reliant upon achievement in line with the course expectations for this pathway and maintaining ‘Good Standing’ in the school.