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At Ocean Reef Senior High School, we are committed to providing a learning environment that allows our students and teachers to reach their potential. Students, parents and teachers work as partners, collaborating to ensure that each student is provided with a wealth of opportunities to discover their talents and receive an education for life.

The vision for the school is reflected in our key focus areas – Excellence in Teaching and Learning; Positive Learning Culture and Leadership and Governance.

We believe that a school cannot achieve optimal outcomes for students in isolation. As such we encourage relationships with our learning partners – parents, the community, service providers, businesses, local schools and higher learning organisations.

Our school provides a curriculum offering a range of subject choices and learning pathways to cater for diverse student ability and interests. Our comprehensive selection of academic and vocational education and training pathways gives students the choice of university study, further training or employment.

Learning programs include art, outdoor education, design and technology, dance and drama, home economics, media studies, music, photography and sport. Our highly regarded specialist programs in maritime and marine studies and contemporary music are highly valued by our community. Other special programs include the Academic Extension program, Autism extension program and elite soccer program. Special needs students are supported with relevant programs and individual assistance.

Our Positive Behaviour Support Program promotes a common and consistent approach to behaviour, centred around the core principles of being organised, respectful, caring and achieving (ORCA). Our commitment to our students, and the proven outcomes of their success, has positioned us as a school of choice.

For further information about our school please contact our office staff on (08) 6206 2700 or visit our website


Over the years Ocean Reef SHS has forged a reputation as the local school of choice for students in Years 7 to 12. The school currently caters for about 1200 students providing them with “opportunity, challenge and growth” in a safe and supportive learning environment where every student is given the support they require to be successful.

The school offers a range of subject choices and learning pathways to cater for diverse student ability and interests. Specialist programs are offered in Maritime and Marine Studies and Contemporary Music. Both programs are highly regarded by the community, with testing into the programs extremely competitive. Our Academic Extension Program, Autism Extension Program, Emergency and Life Saving Cadets and Elite Soccer programs are well regarded by the community, attracting additional enrolments to the school.


At Ocean Reef SHS we seek to develop the whole young person to ensure they are intellectually, emotionally, physically, culturally and spiritually ready for today’s world and the future. Academic excellence goes hand in hand with individual care for each student. We strive for the highest academic standards and do so with a balanced education.

Our emphasis is on fostering creative, critical thinkers and developing independent learners. We encourage our students to be intellectually active and self-directed. Students and teachers work as partners, collaborating to establish a vibrant educational community. Each student is provided with a wealth of opportunities to discover their talents, attain their potential, and receive an education for life.

Our students leave Ocean Reef SHS prepared to be productive and worthwhile members of the community.


At Ocean Reef SHS our core values are aligned with the Department of Education WA values:

  • LEARNING: Our approach to work is positive, and we understand that all students can learn;
  • EXCELLENCE: We have high expectations of our students and ourselves;
  • EQUITY: We strive to create a workforce that is free from discrimination, exploitation or abuse. We are mindful of the differing circumstances and needs of our students, and we are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for all; and
  • CARE: We treat all individuals with care, and our relationships are founded on trust, mutual respect and responsibility.