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The Western Australian Curriculum: Technologies learning area comprises two subjects:

1.    Design and Technologies
2.    Digital Technologies

All students will study both Technologies subjects to the end of Year 8. Students will also have the opportunity to choose additional Technologies subjects in Year 9 and Year 10.

In Design and Technologies students from Yr 7 – 10 will study the focus of Technologies and Society (the use, development and impact of technologies in people's lives) as well as one or more of the following contexts:

•    Engineering principles and systems

•    Food and fibre production

•    Food specialisations

•    Materials and technologies specialisations.

In Digital Technologies students will study aspects of the following:

•    Digital systems

•    Representation of data

•    Collecting, managing and analysing data

•    Digital implementation

Both Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies will incorporate the processes of investigating and defining; Designing; Producing and implementing; Evaluating and Collaborating and managing.