The English Learning Area at Ocean Reef Senior High School engages students in the study, analysis, and interpretation of a variety of text types. With a focus on reading and viewing, writing and creating, and speaking and listening, students are encouraged to think creatively, and critically examine texts and the role they play in society.

Our English courses provide the opportunity to explore a wide range of imaginative, persuasive, analytical, and interpretive texts, as students develop their own skills in analysis, interpretation, and writing creatively. Students also explore how language and stylistic choices can be manipulated for a particular purpose and audience, and how interpretations of texts can change over time.

Courses offered by the English Learning Area:

Lower School

  • English: Year 7 – 10
  • English Academic Extension: Year 7 – 9
  • English Literature (Year 10 Elective)

Senior School

  • English – ATAR
  • English – General