Student Wellbeing


We are a positive behaviour school and our expectations centre on ORCA. That is, our students being organised, respectful and caring achievers. High expectations and standards are a key to success in life after school, therefore students should aim to be at school every day, be on time for every lesson ready to learn. These values underpin our school ethos.

Ocean Reef SHS


GROW is the overarching framework we, at Ocean Reef, use to create positive, sustained change within our students and ourselves. Having goals, resilience, optimism and prioritising wellbeing, is how we will generate a positive mindset and continue to GROW. Our behaviours will manifest through ORCA – these are the things we can see, and our thoughts will manifest through GROW – these are the internal processes we can’t see, but help us make good choices in our behaviours.

Ocean Reef SHS

Act Belong Commit

ORSHS has partnered with the initiative of Act Belong Commit which have the guidelines for promoting positive mental health by providing a simple approach everyone can adopt to become more mentally healthy. School activities will promote and encourage all students to participate by:
encouraging students to adopt mentally healthy behaviours early in life

  • building resiliency so students can cope better with problems and stress
  • reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness
  • building the capacity of school staff to create mentally healthy school environments
  • fostering partnerships between schools and their communities.

Ocean Reef SHS