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The Specialist Learning Program (SLP) – Autism is an endorsed educational program for students with Autism and without an intellectual disability from Year 7 to 12, resourced through targeted initiatives of the student centered funding model and student individual disability allocation.  It is supported by the School of Special Educational Needs (Disability). Student with a recognised diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder can apply for selection to the program from within or outside boundaries for Ocean Reef Senior High.


An applicant will need to meet the following criteria
•    Has the capacity to be academically capable of understanding and coping with grade level content and tasks (ie has no intellectual disability).
•    With support of the SLP will be capable of Managing their behaviour independently or through the use of pre-determined prompts/strategies
•    Independently manages personal care
•    Parents/Carers will ensure safe transport to and from the SLP


The following documentation will need to be provided in support of an application
•    Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (reports from Paediatrician, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist )
•    Recent school report
•    Most recent NAPLAN report
•    Signed permission to release and exchange information form


The program provides education and support for the social/emotional development and regulation for students with a diagnosis of Autism and without an intellectual disability, who have the potential to achieve academic success in mainstream schooling and beyond. Students attend lessons in mainstream classrooms, the SLP homeroom, as well as community settings.

Some of the SLP’s key features are a private courtyard for safe and quiet breaks, a homeroom for study and organisation support, specialised education assistants and teacher support, as well as Very Important Life Skills (VILS) lessons. The students’ school program is individualised based on best educational autism practice.