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At Ocean Reef SHS we provide opportunities for students to engage with their school and broader community and play a key role in celebrating the endeavours and achievements of our students. Through providing these services, we aim to maximise students’ ability to deal with demands and pressures and to get the most from their schooling experience. We promote the school’s motto of “opportunity, challenge and growth” in a safe and supportive learning environment where every student is given the support they require to be successful. Following are some of the people who will be able to guide and assist students at various times.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Heads of Student Services (HOSS’s)
There are two HOSS’s at the school. One for lower school (Yr 7 to 9) and one for senior school (Yr 10 to 12). Their responsibilities include:
•      coordinate Student Services Team
•      monitor student behaviour, well-being, uniform and attendance, years 7 - 12.
•      works with students, parents and teachers to modify unacceptable behaviour and  encourage acceptable behaviour.

Teaching and Learning Coordinator (TALC)
The Teaching and Learning Coordinator oversees the support for those students identified as educationally “at risk”. 

Lower School and Senior School Coordinators
Year Coordinators support students’ personal and social development, they provide a link between parents and school staff and assist Student Service Managers in monitoring students attendance, behaviour and students at education risk. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss with their Year Coordinator or other members of the Student Services team any concerns they have which may be affecting learning and wellbeing.

Student Support Officer
The Student Support Officers provide assistance to students with attendance, injuries and illness.  Support Officers are available from 8.00 am to 4.00pm to direct your call and/or alert the required Student Services team member.

School Psychologist
The School Psychologist uses knowledge and expertise to help support students achieve academic success, psychological health, social and emotional wellbeing. The School Psychologist’s role can involve individual counselling and student support, liaising with parents, and working closely with all members of Student Services. 

The Chaplain supports students pastorally and gives an avenue for the students to talk to someone other than a teacher when personal or social difficulties arise.  

School Nurse
The role of the Community Health Care Nurse is varied, focusing on coordination, support, training and health promotion.  The service aims to optimise the mental, physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of children, their families and the school community.  

Ambulance cover - many parents/guardians who have enrolled their students at school do not currently have ambulance cover. If your child is sick or injured and needs to be transported to hospital parents need to be aware that the cost of the ambulance is billed to the parent/guardian.